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The Hong Kong Institute of Education
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New Undergraduate Curriculum at HKIEd Fosters Broad-based Learning with Greater Flexibility

Under the new 3-3-4/5 academic structure, students of The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) will benefit from broad-based learning, integrated varied subject disciplines, compulsory co-curricular learning and more flexible learning paths for articulating to higher degrees.

The Institute today (8 October) unveiled a new curriculum to be implemented in 2012-13, with the aim to better prepare students for the changing education and community landscapes.

Building on a strong foundation of education fundamentals, the new curriculum features curricular and co-curricular learning, a reinvigorated General Education (GE) programme, more flexibility in course choices, and greater connectivity among different areas of knowledge through a more multi-disciplinary design.

The new curriculum will add a compulsory, credit-bearing Co-curricular Learning to extend students' learning experience beyond the traditional classroom-based curriculum and broaden their minds and perspectives. Co-curricular Learning pilot programmes will be rolled out in 2011-12 in areas of community arts experience, health and physical education, intergenerational learning through service with the elderly, and intercultural understanding and community service provision.

Taking advantage of the additional year, the new Bachelor of Education (BEd) curriculum is designed with greater flexibility and increased choices, allowing students to create more opportunities for cross-disciplinary enquiry.

Additional credit points will be allocated to Electives to allow flexibility for students to plan for individual learning pathways. A collection of 15 units in a discipline can constitute a Minor, and students can take up to two Minors according to their goals and interests.

Under the new BEd curriculum, Year 5 students may choose to take master's level courses and apply for credit exemption as they pursue further studies at the Institute. They include articulation pathways to new Professional Diploma, new Advanced Postgraduate Certificate, and various master's programmes.

Speaking today at the HKIEd Information Day for undergraduate admission, HKIEd’s Vice President (Academic) Professor John Lee Chi-kin said, "Learning in the 21st century is no longer bounded by the classroom or fixed sets of factual knowledge. The new undergraduate curriculum is designed to equip future teachers and leaders with the ability to integrate and apply knowledge from various disciplines, as the knowledge and skills that are required to meet the challenges of future life and career are increasingly interdisciplinary.”
Under the new academic structure, BEd programme students will experience a new five-year undergraduate curriculum, while those pursuing other bachelor's programmes will study for four years.


Regardless of programme streams, all undergraduate students will take a new GE programme, which aims to help students connect different areas of knowledge through a progressive structure.

Students will begin the GE programme in their freshman year, with a specially-designed lecture series by chair professors and professors developing the essential skills for university-level reasoning and critical thinking. This will be followed by Breadth Courses which consist of three strands, namely: 1) Persons, Interpretations, Perspectives; 2) Community, Society, Culture; and 3) Nature, Science, Technology. Students will be provided with a varied but balanced mix of individual courses across a range of subjects. The GE concludes with a Consolidation Course, which allows students to synthesise the knowledge that they have gained through the GE programme and their Majors.

"With the new curriculum design, the Institute aims to nurture future teachers and leaders who are professionally competent, intellectually active, functionally tri-lingual, socially caring, globally aware and morally responsible,” said Professor Lee.

Information on the new curriculum structure and entrance requirements is available at

Appendix - Summary of 3-3-4/5 Curriculum at HKIEd

View Large Image Professor John Lee and Ms Polly Tse elaborate the new curriculum under the 334/335 academic structure.

View Large Image The HKIEd Information Day 2011 attracts thousands of students and their parents.

View Large Image Under the new academic structure, HKIEd students will benefit from broad-based learning and more flexible learning paths.

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